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This photo was taken on October 8, 1982 Graduation day from the Dallas Police Academy.  Mr. Scott is 5th from the right on the second row.

This photo was taken in late 1982 shortly after Mr. Scott's graduation from the Dallas Police Academy.  The "green" shoulder epaulets indicate assignment to a Patrol Division.

This photo was taken on New Year's Eve, January 31, 1984.  Mr. Scott's police partner, Mark Underwood, Badge #4714, is in the back seat with two prisoners.



Law Enforcement Experience

Prior to attending law school, Gregory Scott was a uniformed Patrol Officer with the Dallas Police Department. Although he was born & raised in Wisconsin, Mr. Scott selected Southwest Texas State University as it had the largest four-year Criminal Justice Degree program in Texas.

In his senior year at Southwest Texas State University, Mr. Scott was accepted to the Dallas Police Department’s Academy Class No.173. He was elected Academy Class Vice President and ranked No. 2 in his Academy Class. Due to the danger involved with working police “beats” in the Southeast Patrol Division of the Dallas Police Department, Police Academy graduates at that time had to volunteer for Southeast Patrol.  Mr. Scott was one of the few who volunteered.

After months of on-the-job training with experienced Field Training Officers (several were Vietnam War combat veterans), Mr. Scott successfully completed his training requirements.  Mr. Scott was then assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division’s “4th Watch” (4pm-2am) as a uniformed patrol officer in a marked squad car.  At the time, the police “beats” that Mr. Scott patrolled were considered to be some of the most dangerous in Texas.

Mr. Scott is one of the few who has shot a “Perfect 100” at night during the Dallas Police Department's weapon qualifications.  Mr. Scott's weapon of choice was a .41 Magnum 6" barrel revolver nicknamed by fellow Police Officers as "Blue Thunder."  He received a Commendation as a plain clothes robbery decoy at the 1983 State Fair of Texas.  He later requested assignment with his Police Academy classmate Mark Underwood.  During the period they were police partners, Mr. Scott (at age 23) & Mr. Underwood (at age 21) often led all Southeast Patrol officers in Felony “On-Call” and “On-View” arrests. Likely the highest monthly arrest rates for the entire Police Department at the time.  During his tenure with the Dallas Police Department, Mr. Scott personally arrested drug dealers, burglars, robbery suspects, rapists & murderers. On many occasions, Mr. Scott participated in foot chases, high speed car chases and the use of Deadly Force against Felony suspects.

Gregory Scott’s unique law enforcement experience gives him a significant advantage when assigned arson & insurance fraud assignments by Texas insurers.

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