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Mr. Scott's personal experience with car restoration gives him a tremendous advantage when representing clients in collector car litigation.  In contrast, lawyers that oppose Mr. Scott in collector vehicle lawsuits often have zero mechanical aptitude and no understanding of the collector car hobby or market.  When litigating a case involving a valuable collector vehicle, you need an experienced trial lawyer, someone who is also capable of personally performing a "nut & bolt" classic car restoration.  Only a lawyer who possesses such knowledge can accurately and effectively present this type of case to a Jury. Over the years, Mr. Scott has been a member of the following car clubs:

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This photo was taken on Graduation Day from the "Skip Barber Racing School" where Mr. Scott obtained his regional competition racing license with the Sports Car Club of America ("SCCA").

For over 60 years, the collector car hobby in the United States has constantly expanded. As servicemen returned home from World War II, many used the skills they learned during the war to modify their personal vehicles. Companies that specialized in the manufacture & sale of aftermarket performance parts (such as "Edelbrock" & "Isky Cams") flourished after WWII. By the late 1950's, publishers realized there was a huge market for collector car periodicals (such as Hot Rod Magazine). In the 1950's, the National Hot Rod Association ("NHRA") was established under the direction of Wally Parks. In the 1960's & 1970's, the car collector hobby became familiar to new segments of society as a result of hit songs by groups such as the "Beach Boys" and popular movies such as "American Graffiti."

As interest in the collector car hobby grew, so did the value of many vehicles that were once perceived as simply "used cars." Many individuals began to view collector cars as potential investments. Unlike stocks & bonds, collector car investments can be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon cruise or at a local car show. Today, enthusiasts can watch hours of "live" TV collector car auctions. The current market value of many collector cars continues to increase at surprising rates.

Unfortunately, the rising value of collector vehicles has also resulted in some elements exploiting & cheating car enthusiasts. Many aftermarket part catalogs now allow individuals to practically purchase enough parts to create an entire car. This has led to the creation of fakes which are sometimes intentionally misrepresented by sellers as "authentic" or "factory original" vehicles. If you have been the victim of this type of dishonest conduct, you need an experienced legal counsel who has a thorough understanding of the collector car hobby and the laws related to same.

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"At age 77, I was cheated by a so-called "renowned" restoration facility.  They charged me four times more than we agreed upon and then sued me when I refused to pay their inflated bill.  Frustrated, I contacted The Scott Law Firm and asked for help.  Attorney Greg Scott completely changed the course of litigation which eventually resulted in a dismissal of the lawsuit without having to pay a penny in settlement money.  I highly recommend Greg Scott if you need top notch legal help with your collector car." - Lanny Erickson, original owner/builder of the famous "Violet Fantasy" '56 Chevy custom, Anton, Texas

"I contacted The Scott Law Firm after receiving inferior body & engine work on my 1973 big-block Corvette.  I was ignored by the 'restoration' shop and required legal assistance.  Even as an active duty military member (who eventually moved out-of-state and then to Belgium & Afghanistan), The Scott Law Firm aggressively attended to my interests resulting in a favorable settlement of my claims against that facility." - Major Chris McCreery, U.S. Army

“I retained The Scott Law Firm after an injury accident that totaled my 1968 Olds Cutlass convertible.  Mr. Scott is a remarkable attorney who thoroughly covered every detail presented in our lawsuit.  Mr. Scott frequently met with me in-person and always gave sound legal advice.  The Scott Law Firm was able to resolve my lawsuit to a most favorable conclusion.  I strongly recommend Greg Scott for any collector car legal matter." - Aron Nance, Dallas, Texas

"I had problems with misrepresentation of a collector car I bought via the internet.  A fellow car collector recommended Greg Scott's law firm to assist in the matter.  Extremely happy I did.  Mr. Scott and his staff were exceptionally attentive throughout the entire process.  I could not have imagined a more satisfying and positive experience, including a desired resolution to the problem.  Thank you, Greg." - Randy A. Rhoad, Psy.D., Pennysylvania

"We contacted The Scott Law Firm after taking delivery of our brand-new 1932 Ford coupe and learned it had multiple construction flaws.  With the help of attorney Greg Scott and his pleasant staff, we were able to quickly resolve the dispute with the coupe's builder and avoided litigation.  We highly recommend The Scott Law Firm on any collector car legal matter." - Madelyn & Chris Skuag, McKinney, Texas

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